Captains, if you're looking for a place to operate your charter business, we've got you covered.  Ample parking, public access and very little wind make this marina a very safe and in and out location for your charter business.


We have a crew of vendors who offer boat cleaning, bottom cleaning, minor repair, sail rigging, going to the top of your mast, and other services.  

We work with a full service yard only miles away by water and can help manage any yacht maintenance issue, large or small.

Companies Represented On The Docks:

Yacht Bed & Breakfast , LLC

AirBnB Yachts available to the public


At East Yacht Brokerage

Yacht Sales

731-217-6649 (by appointment only)

Ships Chandlery, LLC

Light Rigging and Sailboat Repair



Yacht Photography and Films


Vendor List:


Yacht Cleaning and Bright Work 

Bay County Boat Yard

Hall Out, Bottom Paint, Boat Yard Services

CB Sails, Inc.
Canvas and Sails

All Vendors must be licensed, insured and approved by Bristol Harbor Marina in writing before boarding any vessel in the marina.